Sense Massages

Sense Massages

Inspired by ancient traditions, our spa therapists use an array of massage techniques to restore balance, harmony and renewal to your life and body.

A Sense of Yourself

This full body massage treatment focuses on rejuvenating your body. Starting with a unique opening ritual, dry oil is applied using a deep pressure and stretching massage technique to relieve tension, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism to assist in detoxification. An ideal treatment for those wanting a therapeutic treatment without the standard massage approach.

90 minutes / £185

Bespoke Massage

A customised massage intended for you, with your preferred style of massage. A guaranteed way to get the exact type of massage you need and prefer. Choose between: Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue & Swedish massage.

60 minutes / £115+

90 minutes / £170+

Jet Lag

If you are looking to alleviate tension and increase circulation, this powerful massage is the perfect choice after a long flight or extensive travel. An easy way to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

60 minutes / £115

90 minutes / £170


This massage uses specialised techniques to encourage lymphatic circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate fluid retention. An ideal choice for those who prefer firmer pressure and deep muscle manipulation.

60 minutes / £115

90 minutes / £170


This deeply relaxing treatment incorporates massage and specialised techniques to stimulate the specific reflexology points on the feet which correspond to specific areas of the body. Targeting certain tension areas, muscles are soothed and blood vessels relaxed allowing for the body to eliminate toxins. This treatment can be used on a regular basis to target specific health conditions or added-on to a variety of our spa offerings.

60 minutes / £115


Our secluded double treatment room allows you to enjoy a deeply relaxing massage experience of your choice alongside a companion. True connection, true relaxation, together.

60 minutes / £310

90 minutes / £420